Friday, February 06, 2009

My Book, and Love Notes From The Universe

Some fave things I'd like to share with you:
My friends Bernadette and Carrie at Slow Family Living have created My Book, one year's worth of pages that begin when you begin - on any day of the year:
"A day book, a journal, a list of gratitudes, to-dos and intentions, a place for you to put your insights, feelings, and your wishes, wants and dreams, and a tool for transforming your life, all in a completely succinct and welcoming format. The prompts are given and the space is there for you to fill in, make My Book a habit you will love and look forward to and get started on living life the way you want to live it... once you begin, it will quickly and simply become a part of your daily practice, thereby changing the way you begin, or even end, each day."
I really enjoyed Carrie's Your Best Year Yet workshop (based on this book) and am using My Book as one of my tools to keep on track...

Also, sweet Kiera is offering lovely handcrafted Love Notes From The Universe and books made specifically for that person you want to send a little extra love to!

Happy Valentine's Day to You! xox Jen

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