Wednesday, April 08, 2009

12 Interesting ways to color/paint/dye Easter eggs!

Since Easter is soon upon us, I've been seeing lots of articles and postings recently about natural egg dyeing (using vegetables or spices). Don't think I'll get to trying that this year with my little guy, but I wanted to share this blog post @DotatDabbled (dabbled dot org blog) that I came across:
Easter Eggs: 12 Interesting ways to color/paint/dye them!
"Another Flickr Roundup for you, this time it's Ways to Dye Your Easter Eggs... come on, you weren't going to just go use a kit, were you? From cabbage to duct tape, we have lots of cool ideas for making your eggs memorable. Some complicated, some easy and kid-friendly!"

Check out the newspaper transfers! (#10 in the grid/list), plus she has a ton of links to how-to's and info.