Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quickies in Vegas

It's already December, and it is high busy season (Blue Genie Bazaar) but I've been trying to get some gifts made as well. Plus I need the knitting to relax me.

Anyway here are some quickie gifts I made using some of Vickie's Vegas yarn (love love love this stuff!) that didn't take me too long -- about an hour for the cozy, and the blue scarf knit up pretty quickly as well.

coffee cozy... or wrist cuff?

As I said, these took me about an hour to make (hope this post is helpful if need something fast!), I knitted them up using size 7-8 needles:
cast on 41 stitches
1st row: k4 p2,then *k3 p2 (repeat from * to end, 7 times)
2nd row: k2, then *p3 k2 (repeat from * to end, 7 times), p4 to end.
Continue in this pattern until desired length (mine are about 3 1/4") then bind off loosely. Sew together into a tube, then turn rightside out.
I love that this yarn is so soft and just a bit glittery.

I imagine you could use this pattern to make a longer wristwarmer if you continued knitting (I slipped mine onto my wrist after finishing my coffee before I trekked back to the office & put the cozy back into my purse pocket) , even leaving a hole for the thumb when seaming into a tube?
My mom has been making a bunch of these using different worsted weight yarns she has as well since I sent her one of these along with my notes.
Also, I made some pretty drop stitch scarves, one on jumbo needles, see closeup of stitches... love the thick and thin of this yarn!

The second scarf is much longer and less lacy in the pattern due to the needles being much smaller, size 10 I think they were.
Purple scarf was two skeins of yarn, the teal was maybe one and a half?
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Vickie Howell said...

Very pretty! Thanks for using my yarn. :) xo, Vic